Managing Director Lobbyist, Government and External Relations

  • UJA Federation of New York
  • 130 East 59th Street, New York, NY, United States
  • Nov 15, 2017
Full time Lobbyist

Job Description

About the Organization:

UJA-Federation of New York is the largest local philanthropy in the world. For 100 years, we have inspired New Yorkers to act on their values and invest in their community for the biggest impact. Thanks to our network of nearly 100 beneficiary agencies, we can leverage our expertise across any number of areas — including health and human services, arts and culture, and education — to deliver real solutions to real problems. Through a single gift, you can care for New Yorkers of all backgrounds and for Jews everywhere; connect people to their Jewish identity, and respond to crises around the world.

Position Summary:

The Managing Director of Government Relations is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with critical Government elected officials so as to further the mission for UJA-Federation and its network of nonprofits. In this capacity, (s)he is responsible for efforts to maximize government funding available for programs operated by UJA-Federation beneficiary agencies and to promote public policies that enhance the quality of life for the Jewish community and beyond.

(S)he will develop relationships with UJA’s lay leadership, elected and appointed policy makers, as well as other relevant officials involved in the governance and financial support of service agencies.

Essential Functions:

  1. Facilitate and implement an effective advocacy effort to act on the established government relations policy and program agenda. In conjunction with lay leadership, where appropriate, educate public officials, both elected and appointed, about the strengths and importance of UJA-Federation’s legislative and budgetary agenda.
  2. Identify and follow through on government funding opportunities for beneficiary agencies. Establish relations with elected officials, their staffs, and individuals working in government agencies that fund health, human services, housing nutrition, security and other areas relevant to UJA and its network.
  3. Engage in individual casework for procurement-related issues on behalf of UJA-Federation’s network.
  4. Communicate clearly and quickly with key actors on legislative, regulatory, and administrative matters.


  • Master’s degree in public administration, urban planning, law, social policy, or other related field required
  • 10+ years of practical experience in working within the political systems, or other related activity
  • Extensive and deep connections to government officials
  • Working knowledge of New York State, New York City and Federal government structure and the human service system
  • The charisma and sophistication to publicly represent UJA-Federation within the context of its mission statement and in all of the complexity inherent in the breadth of function and activity of UJA-Federation and its network agencies
  • Superior written and interpersonal skills, and an ability to communicate effectively to an array of audiences
  • The ability to plan and deliver oral and written communications that make an impact and persuade the intended audience and gain support
  • The ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others inside and outside the organization; work effectively with high-level professionals from government, UJA partner agencies, UJA’s lay leadership, and elected officials and their representatives      
  • Ability to model and maintain an environment of trust and integrity by being candid, forthright, open, and inclusive despite internal and external pressures
  • The ability to impart knowledge, provide performance feedback, develop skills, and mentor others
  • Must be passionate about UJA-Federation’s mission and care deeply for those in need

How to Apply: Equal Opportunity Employment.  Only qualified applicants will be contacted.  Please submit your application  directly to our job board at


UJA Federation of New York