Contract Lobbyist

  • Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Portland
  • Jun 25, 2018
Contract Lobbyist

Job Description

The Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) has served Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) and the profession of Naturopathic Medicine since 1909. Its mission is to promote naturopathic medicine and create opportunities for Naturopathic Doctors to thrive. We support our mission by providing continuing education for physicians, providing referral and public relations services for members, and promoting a legislative agenda that defends, supports, and expands the ability of NDs to practice in Oregon.


The OANP is seeking to engage a lobbyist in a long-term contract for the upcoming and future legislative sessions and is accepting replies to this request from both firms or individuals.


The Association:


The OANP is a growing professional association representing approximately 340 Naturopathic Physicians in Oregon. The Association also has an affiliated PAC engaged in electoral activities.


The governing body of the OANP is a 9 person board comprised of licensed NDs. The Board has working committees in the areas of Continuing Medical Education, Membership Development, and Legislative Affairs.


Oversight of the lobby contract will be handled by the Executive Director and 3-5 person Legislative Committee. The lobbyist will work most closely with the Executive Director and Legislative Chair.


The legislative goals of the OANP are to:

  1. Defend against any proposed limitations to our current scope of practice;
  2. Pass policies to improve compensation for NDs;
  3. Clarify statutory language to better define NDs according to current practices;
  4. Recruit and engage more member-volunteers in the legislative process;
  5. Expand a small PAC – Friends of Naturopathic Medicine;
  6. Develop a targeting strategy and messages to support the above goals.


History of recent legislative activity:


2007 – Expanded ability of NDs to serve as Attending Physician in Workers Compensation system.

2007 – Added “physician” to the definition of “naturopath,” paving the way for naturopathic doctors to be recognized alongside MDs and DOs as physicians. Also expanded definition of physician to include “naturopathic physician” for purposes of signing off on all DMV forms.

2009 – Expanded formulary to include all pharmaceuticals needed in a primary care setting. Considered important step in ability to be recognized as primary care Physicians.

2012 – Inserted provider non-discrimination language into the bill that created Coordinated Care Organizations to run Oregon’s Medicaid services.

2015 – Passed insurance bill requiring insurers to create a pathway for NDs to be credentialed as primary care providers.

2015 – Included provider non-discrimination language into insurance network adequacy bill.

2015 – Defended against attempts to repeal ability of Oregonians to claim a philosophical exemption for vaccines.

2014 – 2017 – Successfully worked with Board of Pharmacy to exempt thyroid and homeopathic medicine from rules requiring providers to pay a registration fee for dispensing drugs from the office.

2017 – Passed omnibus bill that added naturopathic physician to ~120 statutes to clarify that NDs can perform the same services as other primary care providers.

2017 – CMS granted an exception for NDs who meet the threshold of providing services to Medicaid populations to qualify for the EHR incentive program for upgrading to or implementing a Meaningful Use EHR system. We believe this is the first time that CMS has officially recognized NDs as a provider in any capacity, let alone as a provider in a primary care Medicaid population.


Contract Expectations


In addition to services educating and lobbying legislators, the lobbyist shall be expected to:


  1. Track all bills and ballot measures that may impact Naturopathic medicine and assist the Association in taking positions.
  2. Maintain a regular presence in Salem during sessions.
  3. Assist in disseminating PAC funds strategically.
  4. Maintain regular communication with Executive Director and Legislative Chair.
  5. Attend periodic Member and/or Board meetings to provide updates – not expected to exceed 3x/year.
  6. Attend periodic Legislative Committee meetings, anticipated to be 4-6x/year.
  7. Provide periodic written updates on legislative activities and bills being tracked during session, and a comprehensive summary of all activities post-session.
  8. Assist with review of documents and messages developed for advocacy purposes.
  9. Assist with development of legislative agendas based on feasibility of passage and/or potential advancement of other legislative goals.


Performance of the lobbyist will be reviewed by the Legislative Committee and Executive Director annually, and be based on the lobbyist’s ability to move forward some or all of the 6 Legislative Goals outlined above.


While the lobbyist will help craft a legislative agenda, preference will be given to candidates with experience in the following areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Health Insurance


Contact Information:


Please submit a cover letter and resumé no later than July 6th, which will lead to an interview process for applicants closely matching our needs. Along with your resumé, please provide a comprehensive list of your current clients, past experience with health and budget issues and a proposed budget for your services to:

Beth Martin



Questions please call Beth Martin at 503-262-8586 or email


Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians